Itinerary 2014



Cardinal A. Stepinac Council 11774 Itinerary 2014

January 2014

87th        General Membership Meeting
11th        Raffle Ticket Sales
12th        Raffle Ticket Sales
15th        Executive Meeting

February 2014

5th          General Membership Meeting
19th        Executive Meeting

March 2014

5th        General Membership Meeting
5th        Ash Wednesday – Lent Begins
9th        Daylight Savings Time Begins
19th      Executive Meeting

April 2014

2nd       General Membership Meeting and Nomination of New Officers
12th      Annual Awards Banquet
16th      Executive Meeting

May 2014

3rd        Roses For Life
4th        Roses For Life
7th        General Membership Meeting
11th      Mother’s Day
21st      Executive Meeting
31st      Raffle Draw

June 2014

4th        General Membership Meeting and Election of New Officers
15th      Father’s Day
18th      Executive Meeting
20th      Carrousel of the Nations
21st       Carrousel of the Nations

July 2014

16th      Executive Meeting
TBA      Council Picnic

August 2014

20th      Executive Meeting

September 2014

3rd        General Membership Meeting
17th       Executive Meeting

October 2014

1st         General Membership Meeting
15th      Executive Meeting

November 2014

2nd        Daylight Savings Time Ends
5th         General Membership Meeting
11th       Remembrance Day
19th      Executive Meeting

December 2014

3rd         General Membership Meeting
17th        Executive Meeting
25th       Christmas
26th       Boxing Day