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Our History 
September 25, 1948

  Fr. Louis Ivandic, O.F.M., (see picture bellow) appointed first pastor of St. Francis of Assisi Croatian parish by Bishop J.T. Kidd (Bishop of London Diocese).


October 19, 1948
Celebration of first Croatian mass in Windsor at SS Cyril & Methodius Slovak church.
August 20, 1950
• St. Francis of Assisi Croatian parish officially established under canon law.
• Msgr. W.C. Dillon, D.P. blesses the first church on Albert Road.
January 10, 1965 - Fr. Louis Ivandic, O.F.M. resigns position.





  Don Milos Culin , P.P.(see picture bellow), arrives as second pastor of St. Francis of Assisi.September 9, 1965



May 13, 1967
• First Mass celebrated at new church location on Turner Road.
November 5, 1967
• Bishop Charles L. Nelligan,  Titular Bishop of Fenice and professor at Assumption University of Windsor, consecrates the new church on Turner Rd..







June 6, 1973  Fr. Ferdinand Skoko, O.F.M.,(picture bellow) arrives   as third pastor of St. Francis of Assisi.

August 20, 1976   Fr. Ferdinand Skoko, O.F.M., leaves the parish for new assignment.






• Fr. Zvonimir Kutlesa, O.F.M., arrives as fourth pastor of St. Francis of Assisi.

fr Zvonko

September, 1979 
• Fr. Vilim Primorac, O.F.M., arrives as assistant pastor.
February 27, 1980 
• Sr. Vjekoslava Didovic and Sr. Gracija Kutlesa arrive to serve the parish.
June 1, 1980 
• Rev. Msgr. J.Z. Noel, P. P., Pastor of St. Theresa’s church, breaks ground for the present edifice.
June 8-10 & 15-17, 1981 
• First year of parish participation in the Carousel of Nations.
October 4, 1981
• Bishop J.M. Sherlock, D.D., Bishop of London Diocese, dedicates the new edifice of St. Francis of Assisi.
January 13, 1982
• Fr. Louis Ivandic, O.F.M., first pastor of St. Francis of Assisi, passes away in Grayling, Michigan.
December 17, 1983
• New church organ purchased and blessed.
April 1, 1984
• New church bells blessed by Fr. Zvonimir Kutlesa, O.F.M. The largest bell was obtained from the old St. Anne’s church in Walkerville which was fabricated in 1913.
May 8, 1984
• Cardinal Franjo Kuharic, D.D., Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Zagreb, visits parish. Celebrates Mass with over 600 parishioners.
May 19-21, 1984
• Parish hosts the 10th Croatian Canadian Folklore Festival.
Fall, 1985
• Fr. Vilim Primorac is reassigned to a new position.
February, 1986
• Parish purchases parking lot for 75 cars across from its location.
November 6, 1986
• Statue of St. Francis of Assisi erected in church courtyard.
December 13, 1986
• New assistant pastor, Fr. Miro Grubisic, O.F.M., arrives to serve parish.
April, 1987
• Fr. Miro Grubišic leaves for new assignment.
May, 1987
• Fr. Ferdinand Skoko, O.F.M., third pastor of the parish, passes away.
November 15, 1988
• Sr. Anica Cikojevic is assigned to the parish of St. Francis of Assisi.
June, 1988
• Interior modifications to the church are completed.
January, 1989
• Choir loft and vestibule erected inside main entrances of church.
April 4, 1989
• Sr. Vjekoslava Didovic returns to convent in Dubrovnik.SULLACROCE June 17, 1989
• Golden gothic arches now crown main altar.
August 8, 1989
• Sister Nives arrives to help the parish. Her stay is only for 6 months.
April, 1990
• The Windsor Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee publishes a booklet titled, “Religious Structures of Architectural Significance and Cultural diversity. The committee creates public awareness of buildings that have historical promise that can be recognized under the Ontario Heritage Act. This booklet includes a section on St. Francis of Assisi Croatian Parish.
April 10, 1990
• New stained glass windows installed.
June 26, 1990
• Fr. Jozo Grubišic, O.F.M., arrives to serve as co-pastor of the parish.
October, 1990
• Professor Branimir Dorotic of Croatian installs his painting of the crucifixion which adorns the wall behind the altar.
June, 1991,July 7, 1991 December 4, 1994
• Parish celebrates its 40th anniversary, liquidation of parish debt, 10th anniversary of the Sister’s arrival from Croatia, and the blessing of the new stained glass windows.
• Fr. Jozo Grubišic, O.F.M., co-pastor of the parish, leaves for new assignment.
• Fr. Zvonimir Kutlesa, O.F.M., celebrates his 25th ordination anniversary.
• Sr. Gracija Kutlesa celebrates her 25th profession anniversary.
• Sr. Antonija Grubisic arrives to help serve the parish.
July 4, 1995
• Fr. Zvonimir Kutlesa, O.F.M., pastor of the parish, leaves for new assignment.
 Fr. Jozo Cuic, O.F.M., (see picture bellow) is assigned as pastor of St. Francis of Assisi.


April 24, 1996
• Sr. Antonija Grubisic returns to the convent in Dubrovnik.
November 18, 1996
• Sr. Anica Cikojevic returns to the convent in Dubrovnik.
May 3, 1997
• The parish branch of the Knights of Columbus are founded. They will carry the title of “Kardinal Alojzije Stepinac.”
May 15-17, 1998

• Parish hosts the 24th Canadian Croatian Folklore Festival.
September, 1998
• Fr. Jago Soce, O.F.M., arrives as assistant pastor.
April 11, 1999
• Fr. Jozo Cuic, O.F.M., celebrates his 25th ordination anniversary.
March, 2000
• Fr. Vilim Primorac, O.F.M., former assistant pastor, passes away.
October 1, 2000
• The parish of St. Francis of Assisi celebrates its golden anniversay.

Fra Ljubo (Branimir) Lebo
Fra LeboFra Ljubo je rođen 3. listopada 1958. u Otoku kod Vinkovaca. Osnovnu školu završio je u Posušju, a Franjevačku klasičnu gimnaziju u Visokom.  U Franjevački red stupio je 15. srpnja 1977. na Humcu. Filozofsko-teološki studij pohađao je u Sarajevu, Zagrebu i Jeruzalemu, gdje je postigao i akademski stupanj magistra teologije na Studium Biblicum Franciscanum (1987.).  U Ameriku je stigao 16. travnja 1987., te je iste godine imenovan župnikom župe Sv. Marka u Sudburyju.  


Na toj župi ostaje 8 godina, do imenovanja župnikom župe Sv. Nikole Tavelića u Montrealu (1995.).  U rujnu 2001. godine fra Ljubo preuzima dvije župe u Sudburyju: sv. Marka i Presvetoga Trojstva, a od 2006. godine župnik je u Windsoru.




pope-and-mother-teresa21996. October – s. Klara Benovic dolazi u Winsor

1996. November – s. Anica Cikojevic odlazi iz Windsor-a

1996. December – s. Bonaventura Gazivoda dolazi u Windsor

2001. Sempember – s. Anica Cikojevic dolazi u Windsor

2001. Semptember – s. Gracija Kutlesa odlazi iz Windsor-a

2001. October – s. Bonaventura Gazivoda odlazi iz Windosr-a

2001. November – s. Antonija Grubisic dolazi u Windsor

2004. August – s. Anica Cikojevic odlazi iz Windsor-a

goldf4250xad2004. Semptember – s. Matija Filipovic dolazi u Windsorgoldf4f5

2007. October – s. Antonija Grubisic odlazi iz Windsor-a

2007. October – s. Slavica Basic dolazi u Windsor

2009. April – Slavica Basic odlazi iz Windsor-a

2009. Semptember – s. Anica Cikojevic dolazi u Windsor

2010. October – s. Klara Benovic odlazi iz Windsor-a