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My Call For All The Croatian Youth of Windsor
by Michael A. Juricic

Croatian Youth nad Their Heritage

The foundation of the Roman Catholic faith and our hope for personal salvation is the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The great Croatian martyr and recently beatified Cardinal A. Stepinac eloquently described our religion this way:

“Dear Brothers and Sisters!

The Croatian nation has lived and survived through more than 1300 years of its history. During this period, strangers have torn her piece by piece from the majestic plan our merciful God envisioned during her creation.


However, Croatians were nonetheless blessed because they carried God in their hearts, and with an unbending faith asked the Lord to restore her full beauty. The Lord answered our prayers. Thanks be to God!! Not only did Croatia suffer during this period, but her people as well. The Croatian nation suffered torture and death by her oppressors, but Croatians nonetheless remained steadfast in their faith in the Almighty God. They asked the Lord for the strength to be revived, like Lazarus from the Bible, if that be the will of God. Once again, the Lord answered our prayers.

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Therefore, my Croatian brothers and sisters, honour, respect, and protect this greatest of gifts. Our fathers and forefathers died and bled for its defense, our Roman Catholic faith. Our unending belief in a divine trinity through which we will achieve our life’s final and lasting goal: resurrection and eternal life.”

DSC_0213 Though Jesus wanted to share his message with other peoples of the world, he never strayed from his own religious or ethnic convictions. He understood his earthly place and role among us. Being


part mortal, he understood the importance of earthly customs such as the importance of man’s survival, the importance of community and the importance of genet


ic succession. However, in being divine, he sought to enlighten others, by passive dialogue, in order to broaden man’s vision for life. He succinctly summarized his life’s message in the Golden Rule: what you do to the least of my brothers you have done unto me.

148264_503298303035593_574373346_n 1987Therefore, my young Croatian brothers and sisters, I beseech you to follow Cardinal Stepinac’s example and Jesus’ life message. Return to the cradle of your birth, the church, listen and regularly attend Sunday Mass, and live the Gospel. That is the only correct path through life. Even though we may be inundated with physical and monetary needs we must never forget the less fortunate. We must find time to help the poor through the church. This is the only thing that God asks of us.

Also, never forget that we are Croatian Roman Catholics. There is only one Croatian church in Windsor and that is St. Francis of Assisi Croatian Catholic Church. A great many Croatians took from their own mouths in order to build this blessed monument to celebrate, in Croatian, our faith in God. Now the time is upon us to take up the mantle as harbingers of our faith and nationality. vukovarWe must not only maintain what has been built, but to build upon the past spiritual and ethnic successes. Stop and take a moment to reflect. Do you want to betray who you are and the faith instilled in us by our fathers and forefathers, or are you going to walk the straight and narrow path. I urge you to never forget your birthright, that is, your national heritage and your faith. For if you do, God help us all!!

God Bless, Michael A. Juricic


pagCroatian Catholic Church “St. Francis of Assisi” provide several different educational and community activities through it’s parish clubs and organizations. The Church Choir, Holy Name Society, Knights of Columbus No 11774 “Cardinal Alojze Stepinac”, Croatian Catholic Women’s League, St Francis of Asisi Prayer Group are among church’s organizations that has accomplished much in the past years.

Dance and Music Group Cardinal Alojze StepinacThe most popular organizations, especially among young people, areCroatian School “St. Francis of Assisi” and Folk and Dance Club “Kolo i Tamburica Cardinal Alojze Stepinac”

The school is made up of four grades. Students are taught Croatian grammar, history, religion, art, music and dance. Teachers and students of the Croatian school come week after week so that the students may learn and pass on their heritage to future generations. St Francis of Assisi school has taught its students about their homeland. They have learned about their culture and are passing on the traditions from t

heir ancestors.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACardinal Alojze Stepinac”, the performing dance and music group is constituted in 1977. The students of the dance group and the tamburica group have traveled throughout the USA, Canada and (two times) Croatia, and performed with other groups at various festivals, as well as at local events. In 1998 the group was the host of the XXIV Croatian-Canadian Folk Festival.
Dance and Tamburica “Cardinal Alojze Stepinac”, numbers more than 110 students and members. The Group is made up of 4 dance and 3 tamburica group for students of all ages, and one group for the parents.DSC_0231

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